Gusto Pricing: Everything you need to know on Plans, Pricing, and Features [2022]

Gusto is a great, comprehensive HR system that can handle your payroll, benefits, and other human resources needs, but what are Gusto’s pricing plans? What features are included in each plan? In this article, we’ll break down all of Gusto’s pricing plans and features so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right tool for your business.

For 2021 and before, Gusto pricing plans used to be the Core, Complete, and Concierge plans, but these have been discontinued for 2022.

Gusto now offers four different pricing plans in 2022 :-

  1. Gusto Simple: $40 / month + $6 / month / person
  2. Gusto Plus: $80 / month + $12 / month / person
  3. Gusto Premium: Custom Pricing
  4. Gusto Contractor Only: $6 / month / person

What are the differences between the different pricing plans :-

1) Gusto Simple: $40 / month + $6 / month / person

Gusto Simple is the entry-level plan suitable for small businesses. It includes all of Gusto’s core features, such as W2 and 1099 payroll processing within a single state, employee profiles, basic hiring and onboarding tools, employee financial benefits administration, and payroll reports.

Gusto Simple Features

  1. W2 and 1099 payroll for a single state
  2. Employee profiles and access to self-service tools
  3. Basic hiring and onboarding tools
  4. Administration of Employee financial benefits
  5. Reports for Payroll and PTO

2) Gusto Plus: $80 / month + $12 / month / person

Gusto Plus is the next level up from Gusto Simple, and includes everything in the Simple plan plus a few additional features. These include multi-state W2 and 1099 payroll processing, next day direct deposits, advanced hiring and onboarding tools, as well as access to Gusto’s advanced reporting tools such as time tracking and workforce costing. HR services (HR Resource center and access to HR experts) can be added for an additional $8 / month / person.

Gusto Plus Features

  1. W2 and 1099 payroll for multi states
  2. Next day direct deposits
  3. Advanced hiring and onboarding tools
  4. Time tracking and Project tracking and Workforce costing
  5. Full support

3) Gusto Premium: Custom Pricing

Gusto Premium is Gusto’s top-tier plan that includes all of the features in the Simple and Plus plans, plus a few extras such as performance reviews and both Federal & State compliance alerts. In addition, Gusto Premium includes access to the HR Resource Center and access to certified HR experts. Lastly, dedicated support and full-service payroll migration and account setup is included.

Gusto Premium Features

  1. Access to HR Resource Center
  2. Access to HR Experts
  3. Full-service payroll migration and account setup
  4. Performance Reviews
  5. Employee surveys and insights
  6. Dedicated support

4) Gusto Contractor Only

If your business only employs contractors, then the Gusto Contractor Only plan is likely the most suitable option. It includes unlimited contractor payments across all 50 states, 4-day direct deposits, year-end 1099, and international contractor payment as an addon.

Whichever plan you choose, Gusto’s pricing plans are designed to scale with your business, so as your company grows, you’ll be able to upgrade your plan and add more employees without having to worry about the cost getting out of control.